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WaferX 310

WaferX 310

Rigaku's WaferX 310 represents the culmination of 35 years of experience in the X-ray fluorescence analysis of thin films on silicon wafers. Specifically developed as an in-process metrology tool, the system incorporates "bridge tool" technology — servicing 6", 8", as well as the latest 12" wafers.

Simultaneous thickness and composition

The WaferX 310 is ideal for measuring BPSG, PSG and metal films. In addition, thin film BPSG, multilayered circuit film, WSix, electrode films, ferrodielectric thin films, FRAM, next generation DRAM, and SiOF are standard applications for this tool.

Analysis to support sub-micron technology

Highly accurate analyses for the ultralight elements such as B and P in BPSG film has been improved significantly by employing a 4kW high power X-ray tube with a super thin window beryllium window.

Advanced design

The instrument employs a wafer height adjustment mechanism to compensate for differences in wafer thickness and a diffraction avoidance mechanism to eliminate diffraction interference for the transition metals. Integrated FOUP(SMIF) is available, supporting the C-to-C standard. Various user cassettes can also be loaded. FOUP(SMIF) through-the-wall option is available.


  • Simultaneous evaluation of film thickness and composition
  • Applicable to all film types
  • Accepts 300mm, 200mm, and 150mm wafers
  • Capable of high analytical performance, accuracy, and stability
  • Patented "diffraction avoidance" capability for accurate XRF results
  • High-sensitivity Boron analysis (with AD-Boron channel)
  • Solid-state, oil-free x-ray generator
  • FOUP, SMIF, and through-the-wall configurations are available to meet the various needs of high-volume manufacturing wafer fabs

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